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Are you a student?

A recent graduate?

We help students and recent graduates prepare to navigate the waters of corporate America. Starting from the student's or graduate's individual area of interest, we prepare them from the corporate and industry point of view.


A professional?

We help professionals at any level of their career become strategic about their goals, best develop their assets, distinguishing themselves amongst their peers.


An entrepreneur?

We help entreprenuer's best brand themselves by establishing who they are and how they fit into their marketplace.

Some Of Our Successes

Solomon’s Solutions helped me to step outside of my comfort zone by helping me to go after my passion, how to brand it and turn it into a career.
— Brittney Davis, University of Arizona Graduate, Freelance Makeup Artist
Solomon’s Solutions helped me through the nerve wracking experience of interviewing for my first professional job. They helped me develop the skills and gave me the tools to land a
great job less than a month after I graduated. I am now confident in my ability to navigate through corporate America.
— Javier Olono, University of Arizona Graduate, Management Trainee
I am grateful and very excited about all of the information you shared with me. I have a clear vision and am optimistic about my channel succeeding. I could have talked to you for hours. You shared valuable, priceless information. Thank you.
— Matthew Billinger, Max Out Gains
I did not have the confidence or the knowledge to do this without Solomon’s Solutions. I did not much about branding or the direction I wanted to take my website in nor did I know how to tie it all into social media. I will be forever thankful.
— Bernadette Hankinson, Anxiety Ann